The Urban Transportation Research Unit is dedicated to research and educational activities related to transportation planning both domestically and internationally. Focusing on the movement of people, goods and information, our research interests cover a wide scope of topics ranging from theoretical and methodological research to practical implementation of new planning strategies. In recent years, our research focuses on three large pillars:

  • Deepening our understanding human activity-travel behavior:
    • Relationship between the built environment and travel (i.e., walkability, effects of urban form on walking behavior, and use of other non-motorized modes)
    • Social networks and travel
    • Activities in virtual and physical spaces,
    • Travel behavior changes during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Travel behavior during disasters (evacuation behavior).
  • Comprehensive evaluation of urban transportation related policies:
    • Public Transportation Systems/Public Mobility Assessment and Planning Methodology
    • Evaluation and planning methods for urban structures that support life without excessive reliance on automobiles
    • How cities and society will accept new mobility services and automated driving
  • Exploring the ideal state of practice of urban transportation planning:
    • With a focus on drawing up a vision of what the city and its transportation system should be, identify the measures that should be taken, and consider how to implement and realize these measures.

For more information on our research activities, see our recent publications here

In addition, our research unit strives to become one of the most international laboratories at UTokyo. As of January 2024, international students make up 40% of graduate students (including regular students and visiting students), with a total 10 languages spoken: Japanese, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, German, Tagalog, Urdu, Albanian.

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