[Finished] Professor Harata’s Retirement Memorial Lecture

[Update] Prof. Harata’s retirement lecture was finished with many attendees. Thank you for your participation.


After 35 years of dedicated service at the University of Tokyo, not only engaged in research and education activities, but having also served as dean of the School of Engineering, head of the industry-academia collaboration headquarters, and vice-president of the university, Professor Noboru Harata retired on March 2020.
To commemorate this occasion, we will hold Professor Harata’s retirement memorial lecture  online as Zoom Webinar.

Welcomed Dr. Fujigaki

Our research unit has welcomed Project Assistant Prof. Yohei Fujigaki (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, Co-creative Community Planning, Design, and Management Revitalization of Suburbs) as a Research Collaborator since April 2020.

Prof. Harata retired

Professor Harata retired on March 2020, and he has moved to Chuo University since April. Best wishes for continued success from all members at our research unit.