Spring graduation ceremony

On march 23rd and 24th the spring graduation ceremonies were held where 3 undergraduate and 2 graduate students got their degrees. Congratulations and best of luck in your future endeavors!

Welcomed 4 newcomers

We have welcomed two doctoral candidates and two master course students of MPS (Master’s Program in Sustainable Urban Regeneration) since this October.

Book publication “Transport-oriented Machizukuri: Challenges in local cities”

The book “Transport-oriented Machizukuri: Challenges in local cities” (In Japanese), edited by Professor Harata, Professor Hato (Dept. of Civil Eng.) and Associate Professor Takami, will be published in July by Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd. The book discusses both research and practical implementations of Transport-oriented Machizukuri (交通まちづくり) in cities across Japan.

In addition, on July 5th (Sun), a commemorative symposium will be held at the University of Tokyo. More details soon.